About Us

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We will:


Greet all patients and staff with a friendly smile, eye contact and, introduce myself
Be available and a good listener for each other and our patients
Be open minded to constructive criticism and new ideas from staff and patients
Be approachable with a teachable attitude and a willingness to learn
Acknowledge each other and our patients at all times
Always empathize with each other and patients
Give patients and staff our undivided attention
Take the time to address and understand patient’s and staff’s concerns
Resolve conflicts with staff and patients in a private setting
Show appreciation to staff and patients


Work together as a team and demonstrate that to patients
Take ownership of my own professional development
Work efficiently to the best of my abilities
Be proactive in assisting others
Inform staff and patients of any changes as it related to their care and service
Be a team player and always look beyond assigned tasks
Treat staff and patients as we would like to be treated
Respond to the needs of each other and our patients in a timely manner
Follow through with all assigned tasks


Dress professionally as appropriate for my position, including good hygiene
Be responsible for a positive environment and accountable for my actions
Be honest and ethical when interacting with staff and patients
Take pride in our work by doing the best job we can in a timely manner
Keep personal work area clean and organized
Do our best to express confidence in the care we provide
Be dependable for, and held accountable by, all staff and patients
Arrive on time and ready to work


Cultivate positive staff and patient relationships
Be accommodating to staff and patients
Always strive to go above and beyond
Provide follow-up in a timely manner
Communicate all possible patient care options clearly and effectively


Respect confidentiality of staff and patients
Show concern for the needs of the staff and patients
Treat staff and patients with respect and understanding